Monday, April 8, 2013

My Shower.

Howdy ya'll. I have a lot to say but no way to really say it. Thanks for all the awesome stuff. I am ready to be here so I can grace ya'll with my presence. We went to the doctor today. They said I weigh 6lb 6oz and still growing. Less than three weeks to go. Oliver The Great, aka The Polo Prince will be here SOON! Talk to ya'll soon. - O  photo DSC_0002_zps569942f6.jpg  photo DSC_0005_zpsc299ddc6.jpg  photo DSC_0007_zpsd96de9fe.jpg  photo DSC_0008_zps6442182a.jpg  photo DSC_0009_zps33cd64b0.jpg  photo DSC_0010_zps9dd6b370.jpg  photo DSC_0012_zps06225b1c.jpg  photo DSC_0013_zps894d18cb.jpg  photo DSC_0014_zps6c49c9fd.jpg  photo DSC_0021_zps1196b0ac.jpg  photo DSC_0023_zps70b6c15d.jpg  photo DSC_0024_zps1a3225c8.jpg  photo DSC_0025_zpsf9cb1048.jpg  photo DSC_0026_zps05c5bedd.jpg  photo DSC_0030_zpse619c116.jpg  photo DSC_0038_zpsbc4986c0.jpg  photo DSC_0040_zpsd323d631.jpg  photo DSC_0042_zps902634ea.jpg  photo DSC_0043_zpsbc3359f8.jpg  photo DSC_0045_zpsa87f0539.jpg  photo DSC_0046_zps497ba321.jpg  photo DSC_0047_zps4563cecf.jpg  photo DSC_0048_zps2ce3e969.jpg  photo DSC_0051_zps19611626.jpg  photo DSC_0053_zpsf44f231e.jpg  photo DSC_0054_zps8730560f.jpg  photo DSC_0055_zps8fc1bed4.jpg  photo DSC_0057_zpsf640cb7f.jpg  photo DSC_0058_zpsce8f66ff.jpg  photo DSC_0059_zpsc6e89ba3.jpg  photo DSC_0060_zps7c0b3202.jpg  photo DSC_0061_zpse801410b.jpg  photo DSC_0064_zpsc1f3099c.jpg  photo DSC_0065_zps96773163.jpg  photo DSC_0067_zps28e70059.jpg  photo DSC_0068_zps15a02c24.jpg  photo DSC_0072_zps5332e5ae.jpg  photo DSC_0074_zpsf9e18f9b.jpg  photo DSC_0075_zps1c3d07c7.jpg  photo DSC_0078_zps65d9c1b9.jpg  photo DSC_0079_zpsffa00f63.jpg  photo DSC_0084_zps5b17dea4.jpg  photo DSC_0088_zps6fb6b03f.jpg  photo DSC_0091_zps8e69130d.jpg  photo DSC_0098_zps16c1da7c.jpg  photo DSC_0101_zps163b6c2e.jpg  photo DSC_0102_zpsa3c6db7d.jpg  photo DSC_0103_zpsd042f0b0.jpg  photo DSC_0108_zps7b6effae.jpg  photo DSC_0110_zpsb0dda022.jpg  photo DSC_0131_zpsd043b1c5.jpg  photo DSC_0132_zps6af7de68.jpg  photo DSC_0140_zpsc42a29f9.jpg  photo DSC_0144_zps23f09954.jpg  photo DSC_0154_zpsbdba38ee.jpg  photo 20130408_145904_zps33ebc922.jpg

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