Monday, May 13, 2013

Eat.Sleep.Poop. Pictures. Repeat.

I pooped! Hope you all enjoy the pictures. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, I will post more info and pictures next week. - O.  photo 20130508_145454_zpsb37f4f93.jpg  photo 20130508_145504_zpsc3663359.jpg  photo 20130508_202844_zpsc2c192e3.jpg  photo 20130508_202851_zpse4c639a4.jpg  photo 20130509_174037_zpsfdfe4f4e.jpg  photo 20130510_172503_zpsaac2f8d7.jpg  photo 20130511_084109_zps50f8d788.jpg  photo 20130511_121057_zps82cfcc51.jpg  photo 20130512_191626_zpsbacd962b.jpg ///

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