Monday, June 17, 2013

1st day of school (Sorta)

Howdy ya'll. Just wanted to pop in after this LONG day and say "hey" and share some pics. I will be 7 weeks tomorrow, can you believe it?! I know, crazy. Anyway, I took my first swim the other day. Didn't like it. Next. I started school today with Aunt Laura. I had a good time. It was hard to say bye to Mommy this morning though. I missed her BAD. Check out these pictures ya'll, my big sister took a few herself and I think they came out pretty good! Oh yeah, Happy Late Father's Day, Big Guy Gotta run! - O.  photo 20130611_133241_zpse59f3e1f.jpg  photo 20130612_090042_zps90da1017.jpg  photo SAM_2635_zps56f20767.jpg  photo SAM_2641_zps4657d1b1.jpg  photo SAM_2642_zpsc82d2bd3.jpg  photo 20130612_193007_zpse764e7f4.jpg  photo 20130612_193016_zps445afe12.jpg  photo 20130612_193034_zps7b81b822.jpg  photo 20130612_193047_zps369ace7a.jpg  photo 20130613_213643_zpsa2552566.jpg  photo 20130614_090556_zpse9d1dc08.jpg  photo 20130614_090610_zps03815e63.jpg  photo 20130614_200835_zps66726580.jpg  photo 20130615_210702_zpscf0021b4.jpg  photo 20130615_210708_zps5783a632.jpg  photo 20130616_122327_zps8b8eeac0.jpg  photo 20130616_122340_zps5f30e7e8.jpg  photo 20130616_154826_zpse5216125.jpg  photo 20130616_154901_zps5849095f.jpg  photo 20130617_065012_zpsf0b7b28a.jpg  photo 20130617_065243_zps51cc6adb.jpg  photo 20130617_070405_zpsa3df09e0.jpg  photo 20130617_070419_zps1dfd170a.jpg  photo 20130617_162329_zpscf31f823.jpg  photo 20130617_162337_zps2d299aa4.jpg  photo 20130617_162342_zps8486218f.jpg ///

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