Tuesday, June 25, 2013

2 months!

Howdy ya'll. I am 2 months today! I can't believe it either! Anyway, in these last 2 months I haven't really done a lot honestly. I am squirming around a lot more, smiling a bunch and even doing some "cooing" . Other than that I am just a normal baby, I have gotten pretty chunky, I have an appoitment next Tuesday so I will have some official updates then. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I know my sister Charlie did. She loved kissing my face and trying to put me on her shoulders. She is an AWESOME big sister. Gotta run for now. - O.  photo 20130618_210446_zps1276205e.jpg  photo 20130619_191931_zps8c9ac3b1.jpg  photo 20130620_215452_zps4a8abcb6.jpg  photo 20130620_215457_zpsfe967cc5.jpg  photo 20130621_171757_zpsb1e4e9a8.jpg  photo 20130621_190516_zps30aa518e.jpg  photo 20130622_103334_zps188a5ae0.jpg  photo 20130622_185620_zpse9888898.jpg  photo 20130622_193125_zps207c4646.jpg  photo 20130622_235622_zps69852d19.jpg  photo 20130623_111050_zps9dc94661.jpg  photo 20130623_111053_zps349bac28.jpg  photo 20130623_185934_zps264b5db9.jpg  photo photo-3_zpsfbfc17c3.jpg  photo photo-2_zpsd5a43676.jpg  photo photo-4_zps5e5a8680.jpg ///

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