Monday, June 10, 2013

Growing and Growing!

Howdy ya'll, it's me, Oliver. Just wanted to share a few pics and tell you what I have been up to lately. Well. Sleeping,pooping and eating. That's really about it. Check out the picture of me and the doctor that helped deliver me! Gotta run. - O.  photo 20130604_195057_zps926db098.jpg  photo 20130604_214410_zps55a30249.jpg  photo 20130606_104014_zps3c9af8cb.jpg  photo 20130606_170305_zps5410feb8.jpg  photo 20130606_170313_zps555e7295.jpg  photo 20130607_084417_zpse9bf9105.jpg  photo 20130607_084817_zpsbf6d286e.jpg  photo 20130607_084832_zps224d41e8.jpg  photo 20130608_115446_zps02834e60.jpg  photo 20130608_191143_zps45bd21e5.jpg  photo 20130609_101449_zps0ee50458.jpg  photo 20130609_185120_zpsad23ac11.jpg  photo 20130609_185508_zps579676a9.jpg  photo 20130610_094854_zps69ef002b.jpg  photo 20130610_114611_zpsbd028553.jpg  photo 20130604_203257_zps65de55b7.jpg  photo 20130604_203505_zps5bec1359.jpg ///

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