Friday, July 5, 2013

Growing like a weed.

Howdy ya'll, it's me Oliver. I wanted to pop in really quick and tell you about my doctor's appointment the other day. As you know, I have officially turned 2 months old. I have been growing like a weed. All I do is eat, sleep, poop and smile. I have been just about been sleeping through the whole night! I know Mommy is happy about that. Anyways, the doctor said I am growing like a weed. I am 22 inches long, 11.9 lbs and my head is huge! I am OVER the 100%. Must be all the brains! Anyway, I hope you all had a good 4th and enjoy the pics. - O.  photo 20130625_221048_zpsbe7c2cb5.jpg  photo 20130626_065838_zps5b1de65e.jpg  photo 20130626_065838_zps5b1de65e.jpg  photo 20130628_192043_zps1625fab7.jpg  photo 20130629_000514_zpseac067e0.jpg  photo 20130629_000522_zps456de3a6.jpg  photo 20130630_090537_zps58392500.jpg  photo 20130630_090634_zpsc9de23ed.jpg  photo 20130630_112959_zps067a7a71.jpg  photo 20130630_123153_zps17725ead.jpg  photo 20130630_175054_zps4ee789d3.jpg  photo 20130630_175101_zps486f00e5.jpg  photo 20130630_175109_zpse75e18b1.jpg  photo 20130630_175118_zps4386a65a.jpg  photo 20130630_175121_zps5b3a7400.jpg  photo 20130630_175151_zpsc6f5f75e.jpg  photo 20130630_175233_zps5994ad09.jpg  photo 20130630_175242_zpsf0f8189a.jpg  photo 20130630_175258_zpscb0db1f5.jpg  photo 20130630_182822_zpsa331525a.jpg  photo 20130702_093015_zpsf57f6a7e.jpg  photo 20130702_093031_zps15267d7b.jpg  photo 20130702_093048_zps11eb8c09.jpg  photo 20130702_093429_zpsafc9fabf.jpg  photo 20130702_093444_zpse42a4701.jpg  photo 20130702_093549_zps6baeb2e6.jpg  photo 20130702_093613_zpsb6e4692d.jpg  photo 20130702_093618_zps4402d3d1.jpg  photo 20130702_093706_zps5189e8ea.jpg  photo 20130702_093710_zps65527189.jpg  photo 20130702_094303_zpsf8ffc7de.jpg  photo 20130702_094330_zps2d7ccb2f.jpg  photo 20130702_094334_zps5c8b309b.jpg  photo 20130702_094405_zps29708640.jpg  photo 20130702_094515_zpsfe464e2b.jpg  photo 20130702_094629_zpse9a68f92.jpg  photo 20130702_094653_zps17958b69.jpg  photo 20130702_094730_zps637fc58e.jpg  photo 20130702_095853_zps54eda8aa.jpg  photo 20130702_100141_zps03b41b5e.jpg  photo 20130702_100235_zpsb9952f3b.jpg  photo 20130702_100239_zps48f1846f.jpg  photo 20130702_100254_zpsab0b6fc9.jpg  photo 20130702_100303_zpsf67b866c.jpg ///

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