Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I hate tummy time!

Howdy ya'll, it's me Oliver well, Daddy really, I am screaming my head off on the floor while doing tummy time so I am making Daddy do this update. Nothing new to report really. I am eating everything in site and my sister turned 5! CRAZY! I love her to pieces, she is the best big sister a little guy could ask for. I am growing like a weed, hope this site keeps you up to date! Gotta go - Daddy and O.  photo 20130708_221656_zps7982242c.jpg  photo 20130708_202537_zpsde323a88.jpg  photo 20130707_215152_zpsbfaccc39.jpg  photo 20130707_183231_zpsc431c982.jpg  photo 20130707_1157511_zps4210a135.jpg  photo 20130707_1156061_zpse0336ea6.jpg  photo 20130706_1133171_zps2215bf5a.jpg  photo 20130706_113256_zps04f03298.jpg  photo 20130706_113256_zps37c8c8f6.jpg ///

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