Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I'm getting fat but I have a mohawk so, whatever

Howdy ya'll, I am getting fat but my sister loves giving me mohawks! She is awesome and so is my hair. Gotta run. - O.  photo 20130715_070216_zps6f05d99b.jpg  photo 20130715_192120_zpsddfe267c.jpg  photo 20130715_192222_zps646dcab8.jpg  photo 20130716_191951_zpsaabebd28.jpg  photo 20130716_201531_zps1e22c36c.jpg  photo 20130716_201611_zpse04fdfd6.jpg  photo 20130717_205549_zps8f762a53.jpg  photo 20130718_065501_zpscc39d0bf.jpg  photo 20130720_111314_zps434c7c31.jpg  photo 20130720_111355_zps88fae97b.jpg  photo 20130721_214048_zpse20c2b79.jpg  photo 20130721_191421_zpsc39fdae4.jpg ///

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