Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Howdy ya'll. Just wanted to pop in and let you know that I am still growing. Nothing really new has been happening. Of course I am rolling over, belly to back but nothing super exciting. I have another appointment coming up somewhat soon so watch for that. Gotta split. Starvin, sorry.  photo 20130802_065553_zps3fde59f9.jpg  photo 20130802_202344_zps9e900685.jpg  photo 20130802_202402_zps7ccc6751.jpg  photo 20130802_202416_zpsfd0646a4.jpg  photo 20130802_202427_zpsc32e8296.jpg  photo 20130802_202437_zps1bad764a.jpg  photo 20130803_112941_zpsba1d5681.jpg  photo 20130803_112956_zps0e552708.jpg  photo 20130803_131107_zps7ac34853.jpg  photo 20130803_131422_zps39a7be7f.jpg  photo 20130804_091658_zpsf4fb6b03.jpg  photo 20130804_203228_zpsafb18408.jpg  photo IMG_20130730_060802_zpsb39c2a90.jpg ///

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