Monday, September 30, 2013

5 months!

Howdy ya'll, I turned 5 months today. In the past 5 months I have learned to do the following. Hold my head up, roll over back to belly and belly to back. Grab a paci and work it torwards my mouth and I am even eating baby food! I can almost sleep through the night and I'm also getting close to cutting teeth. (So my parents think.) It has been a great 5 months so far, thanks for all of your love. - O.  photo 20130922_110020_zps431d479a.jpg  photo 20130922_110032_zps6f7c47f4.jpg  photo 20130901_133518_zps9e91f4db.jpg  photo 20130922_105708_zps2a59d255.jpg  photo 20130922_110036_zpsa645273c.jpg  photo 20130920_223522_zps31647c0a.jpg  photo 20130929_085210_zps21a58da7.jpg  photo 20130926_171755_zps8d226f80.jpg  photo 20130922_110134_zpsb133855f.jpg  photo 20130924_202736_zps2e2c6d0d.jpg  photo 20130924_202751_zps916cc75e.jpg  photo 20130929_113502_zps49163821.jpg  photo 20130929_121402_zpsbb1efa5b.jpg  photo 20130929_121505_zps5e49c5f5.jpg  photo 20130929_124658_zpsc549b2ea.jpg  photo 20130929_124706_zpsedb5b9f8.jpg  photo DSC_0054_zps71c0aee8.jpg  photo DSC_0056_zpsb8be7c91.jpg  photo DSC_0063_zps528c91fb.jpg  photo DSC_0057_zpsc74afe4f.jpg  photo DSC_0058_zps502694db.jpg  photo DSC_0065_zpsc3755aff.jpg  photo DSC_0066_zpsa1e0083f.jpg  photo DSC_0076_zps5069f95f.jpg  photo DSC_0067_zps632ceec7.jpg  photo DSC_0079_zps8ad3f8e3.jpg  photo DSC_0099_zpsa51f18d9.jpg  photo DSC_0098_zpsfa984a1c.jpg  photo DSC_0154_zps8b0b7f38.jpg ///

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