Monday, September 16, 2013

Upside down!

Howdy ya'll, it's me, Oliver. Just wanted to drop in, share a few pics and tell you what was up. I have started eating real food, and I LOVE IT! I am getting big and almost sitting up. I am rolling over back and forth. Crawling is next on the agenda. Don't blink, you may miss it! Gotta run. - O.  photo 20130911_213651_zps501e26c9.jpg  photo 20130912_011423_zps37d4f527.jpg  photo 20130912_210955_zps63f815dc.jpg  photo 20130914_090657_zps85900064.jpg  photo 20130914_0907110_zpsc3de644e.jpg  photo 20130914_090711_zpsa9d2efb9.jpg  photo 20130914_090821_zps956a6951.jpg  photo 20130914_090828_zps89b68606.jpg  photo 20130914_090848_zpsd71a0a35.jpg  photo 20130914_090916_zps29a32993.jpg  photo 20130914_093600_zpse17bde2d.jpg  photo 20130914_093606_zpse79763c1.jpg  photo PhotoSep1433634PM_zps396e0ed5.jpg  photo PhotoSep1433740PM_zps606cf05c.jpg  photo PhotoSep1433748PM_zps2f9189d2.jpg  photo 20130915_174014_zpscc9b6d96.jpg  photo 20130915_174654_zpsbf1cc61a.jpg  photo swingedie1_zps63bf5745.jpg ///

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