Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Almost 6 months

Howdy ya'll, it's me Oliver. Can you believe it? I am almost half a year old. It has been fun so far. I don't have much to report other than I am ALMOST crawling. I get up on all fours and rock back and forth and have even scooted a few times too. Anyway, I gotta take off but check out some awesome pics Daddy snapped! - O.  photo 20130930_065345_zps012d5ead.jpg  photo DSC_0001_zpsfa1d7dfb.jpg  photo DSC_0004_zpsbfbb0979.jpg  photo DSC_0005_zpsea03e411.jpg  photo DSC_0007_zps6c4da8dc.jpg  photo DSC_0009_zps9671cf51.jpg  photo DSC_0010_zps02ea871d.jpg  photo DSC_00052_zpsd638a917.jpg  photo DSC_0006_zps2ca099c5.jpg  photo DSC_00082_zpsaa478efd.jpg  photo DSC_00092_zps1f6c0db9.jpg  photo DSC_00162_zps3c86e491.jpg  photo DSC_00282_zps9a47bcf2.jpg  photo DSC_0069_zps72eee59c.jpg  photo 20131003_191157_zps1a1aa70a.jpg  photo 20131003_191201_zpsda044bbe.jpg  photo 20131003_191217_zps76d6e733.jpg  photo 20131004_183702_zpse5de2ec2.jpg  photo 20131004_183727_zps60db1512.jpg  photo 20131005_093843_zpsdc6a4901.jpg  photo 20131005_093848_zps2e7e45d5.jpg  photo 20131005_141415_zpsc8ebbbe0.jpg  photo 20131006_161021_zps90d371a1.jpg  photo 20131009_192111_zps6853ee9c.jpg  photo 20131009_192114_zps1556e54c.jpg  photo 20131010_205044_zps01bb5701.jpg  photo 20131011_211929_zps1918ce66.jpg  photo 20131012_091831_zpscad4ba34.jpg  photo 20131012_091838_zpsd950e29b.jpg  photo 20131012_091859_zps6ab78ca8.jpg  photo DSC_0002_zpsafc3930a.jpg  photo DSC_0003_zps4adc7bcd.jpg  photo DSC_0008_zps844a5335.jpg  photo DSC_0016_zps6d15f784.jpg  photo DSC_0017_zps7bfb68d4.jpg  photo DSC_0023_zps4e6b77ed.jpg  photo DSC_0027_zpseac287ab.jpg  photo DSC_0028_zps34ab523f.jpg  photo DSC_0029_zpsdc9d2288.jpg ///

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