Monday, November 25, 2013

Almost 7 Months!

Howdy ya'll, it's Oliver. I already turned 6 months about to be 7 months, can you believe it? I'm getting too big too fast. They say I'm short, not too chunky and a normal sized head. I know I look like a beast but apparently I'm just normal. Check out all my pics, I'm JUST ABOUT to be crawling, I can scoot and slide everywhere but not quite crawling. I'm gonna run for now, check my blog after Thanksgiving for some more pics. I'll be stuffing my face like normal! Have a great Thanksgiving! - O.  photo 20131025_224856.jpg  photo 20131026_012338.jpg  photo 20131031_190813.jpg  photo 20131105_172537.jpg  photo 20131105_172544.jpg  photo 20131105_172816.jpg  photo 20131105_172832.jpg  photo 20131105_204808.jpg  photo 20131107_091224.jpg  photo 20131107_091238.jpg  photo 20131107_091424.jpg  photo 20131107_091603.jpg  photo 20131107_091653.jpg  photo 20131107_091702.jpg  photo 20131107_091911.jpg  photo 20131107_091914.jpg  photo 20131107_092227.jpg  photo 20131107_092243.jpg  photo 20131107_093113.jpg  photo 20131107_093118.jpg  photo 20131107_093131.jpg  photo 20131107_094720.jpg  photo 20131112_181844.jpg  photo 20131117_191407.jpg  photo 20131118_172756.jpg  photo 20131118_172758.jpg  photo 20131118_172810.jpg  photo 20131119_191419.jpg  photo 20131120_194632.jpg  photo 20131120_194636.jpg  photo 20131103_103959.jpg  photo 20131119_171611.jpg  photo bath.jpg ///

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