Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Howdy ya'll, it's me, Oliver. Just had a quick second to say hey, share some pics and give you guys a quick update. Well, you read it and it's official. I'm crawling, not ALL the time, I'm sorta lazy but can do it when there are cheese puffs on the other side of the room. I don't work for free, I need my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! The holidays are right around the corner and we are gonna be SUPER busy. So we apologize if we don't update as much as we should but I don't really have a lot of time to update between sleep, eating and growing anyways. Gotta run, enjoy the pictures. - O.  photo 20131126_181027.jpg  photo 20131126_181328.jpg  photo 20131128_090106.jpg  photo 20131128_090128.jpg  photo 20131129_180524.jpg  photo 20131130_094037.jpg  photo 20131130_094047.jpg  photo 20131130_094109.jpg  photo 20131130_094115.jpg  photo 20131130_094210.jpg  photo 20131130_094310.jpg  photo 20131201_094518.jpg  photo 20131201_094547.jpg  photo 20131201_094549.jpg  photo 20131201_103752.jpg  photo 20131201_143106.jpg  photo 20131201_143120.jpg  photo 20131201_143123.jpg  photo 20131201_143125.jpg  photo 20131201_1431251.jpg  photo 20131201_143126.jpg  photo 20131201_143211.jpg  photo 20131201_143213.jpg  photo 20131201_150325.jpg  photo 20131202_192018.jpg  photo 20131202_222242.jpg  photo 20131128_170842.jpg ///

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