Friday, January 10, 2014


Howdy ya'll it's me Oliver. I am still growing like crazy. I am clapping, sorta, crawling and pulling up on everything. I have even stood a few times by myself. Still not talking so Daddy had to do this post again. He just did Charlie's so he's a little tired BUT he did get TONS of pictures of us kids for ya'll. I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas. Thank you all for everything, I love all my toys! Hope ya'll enjoy the pics, gotta run. - O.  photo DSC_0025.jpg  photo DSC_0028.jpg  photo DSC_0029.jpg  photo DSC_0030.jpg  photo DSC_0030.jpg  photo DSC_0038.jpg  photo DSC_0039.jpg  photo DSC_0040.jpg  photo DSC_0041.jpg  photo DSC_0042.jpg  photo DSC_0043.jpg  photo DSC_0044.jpg  photo DSC_0072.jpg  photo DSC_0080.jpg  photo DSC_0082.jpg  photo DSC_0084.jpg  photo DSC_0098.jpg  photo DSC_0167.jpg  photo DSC_0168.jpg  photo DSC_0171.jpg  photo DSC_0176.jpg  photo DSC_0177.jpg  photo DSC_0194.jpg  photo DSC_0197.jpg  photo DSC_0205.jpg  photo DSC_0206.jpg  photo DSC_0217.jpg  photo 20131025_224856.jpg  photo 20131026_012338.jpg  photo DSC_0224.jpg  photo DSC_0230.jpg  photo DSC_0231.jpg  photo DSC_0235.jpg  photo DSC_0236.jpg  photo DSC_0238.jpg  photo DSC_0242.jpg  photo DSC_0243.jpg  photo DSC_0244.jpg  photo DSC_0245.jpg  photo DSC_0246.jpg  photo 20131205_063027.jpg  photo 20131205_063052.jpg  photo 20131205_063057.jpg  photo 20131205_063202.jpg  photo 20131205_064008.jpg  photo 20131205_155434.jpg  photo 20131205_155914.jpg  photo 20131206_212848.jpg  photo 20131206_212850.jpg  photo 20131207_130158.jpg  photo 20131207_1532220.jpg  photo 20131211_190923.jpg  photo 20131212_174422.jpg  photo 20131212_174437.jpg  photo 20131213_203212.jpg  photo 20131213_203220.jpg  photo 20131213_214459.jpg  photo 20131214_173314.jpg  photo 20131214_173329.jpg  photo 20131220_065023.jpg  photo 20131220_065029.jpg  photo 20131220_065138.jpg  photo 20131220_065141.jpg  photo 20131222_093653.jpg  photo 20131222_103724.jpg  photo 20131222_103840.jpg  photo 20131222_103910.jpg  photo 20131224_151634.jpg  photo 20131224_151730.jpg  photo 20131225_195631.jpg  photo 20131225_195634.jpg  photo 20131225_195638.jpg  photo 20131226_095104.jpg  photo 20131226_095138.jpg  photo 20131226_095143.jpg  photo 20131226_095146.jpg  photo 20131226_200636.jpg  photo 20131226_200705-1.jpg  photo 20131226_200917.jpg  photo 20131226_203534.jpg  photo 20131226_203541.jpg  photo 20131226_203557.jpg  photo 20131226_204444.jpg  photo 20131227_163956.jpg  photo 20131227_190257.jpg  photo 20131228_085915.jpg  photo 20131228_085938.jpg  photo 20131228_145153.jpg  photo 20131228_150406.jpg  photo 20131228_150408.jpg  photo 20131228_150414.jpg  photo 20131228_150416.jpg  photo 20131228_150440.jpg  photo 20131228_150455.jpg  photo 20131228_151153.jpg  photo 20131228_151232.jpg  photo 20131228_151258.jpg  photo 20131228_151306.jpg  photo 20131228_151421.jpg  photo 20131228_151431.jpg  photo 20131229_090755.jpg  photo 20131229_102405.jpg  photo 20131229_105023.jpg  photo 20131229_105438.jpg  photo 20131229_105448.jpg  photo 20131229_132202.jpg  photo 20131229_132306.jpg  photo 20131229_132420.jpg  photo 20131229_132652.jpg  photo 20131229_132701.jpg  photo 20131229_201409.jpg  photo 20131229_201714.jpg  photo 20131231_192500.jpg  photo 20131231_192509.jpg  photo 20131231_192822.jpg  photo 20131231_193108.jpg  photo 20131231_200536.jpg  photo 20131231_200556.jpg  photo 20140101_084211.jpg  photo 20140101_095612.jpg  photo 20140101_100403.jpg  photo 20140101_110202.jpg  photo 20140101_110215.jpg  photo 20140101_210902.jpg  photo 20140102_183205.jpg  photo 20140102_183354.jpg  photo 20140104_075445.jpg  photo 20140104_173717.jpg  photo 20131215_151727.jpeg  photo 20131226_200705.jpeg  photo IMG_0546.jpg  photo IMG_2480.jpg ///

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