Tuesday, February 18, 2014

9 months!

Howdy ya'll, can you believe I am already 9 months? I don't really have a ton to say honestly. I'm still new to this whole typing thing BUT I can say "MaMa". I am almost standing up by myself. I can pull up and let go for a second but then fall on my butt. The doctor appointment went great. I am really sorta average but a little short. I am in the 5% for height and I weigh just over 18 lbs. You would think the amount I eat would tip the scales but I am just only a tad fat. Anyway, I'm gonna run, have a great week and check out my sister's blog too. She started playing soccer, which is what the Lil' Bro shirt is all about. Enjoy the pics. - O.  photo 20140206_152115.jpg  photo 20140128_192135.jpg  photo 20140201_121909.jpg  photo 20140128_180424.jpg  photo 20140208_125527.jpg  photo 20140208_125454.jpg  photo 20140208_125442.jpg  photo 20140206_153002.jpg  photo 20140210_183612.jpg  photo 20140210_183622.jpg  photo 20140210_183630.jpg  photo 20140210_184033.jpg  photo 20140210_183837.jpg  photo 20140213_091239.jpg  photo 20140210_183755.jpg  photo 20140213_091506.jpg  photo 20140213_091522.jpg  photo 20140213_091529.jpg  photo 20140213_091430.jpg  photo 20140213_091540.jpg  photo 20140213_091610.jpg  photo 20140213_091625.jpg  photo 20140213_091543.jpg  photo 20140213_092124.jpg  photo 20140213_091757.jpg  photo 20140213_091737.jpg  photo 20140213_093256.jpg  photo 20140215_094310.jpg  photo 20140214_154855.jpg  photo 20140215_135700.jpg  photo 20140215_135701.jpg  photo 20140215_135711.jpg  photo 20140215_1415121.jpg  photo 20140215_141357.jpg  photo 20140215_141346.jpg  photo 20140215_141506.jpg  photo 20140215_135809.jpg  photo 20140215_141556.jpg  photo 20140215_141633.jpg  photo 20140215_141623.jpg  photo 20140215_143950.jpg  photo DSC_0005.jpg  photo DSC_0004.jpg ///

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