Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Howdy ya'll, it's me Oliver. Sorry it has been a while since I updated the blog. I am GROWWWINGGGG, POOPPINNNNG and EATTTTING! Oh and ask Mommy and Daddy and they may say WHINNNINNNGGG. I am just growing right along. I am getting a little bigger but I am now babbling like crazy. I can clap, walk around the table a bit and with a walker toy too. I have a doctor's visit next week so we will have some official measurements for you then. I have like 70 pictures to show ya'll. I will let you enjoy those and I will check in next week to let you know how the appointment went. Gotta Run for now - O.  photo 9826_10201580977661714_1377721656_n.jpg  photo 9826_10201580977661714_1377721656_n.jpg  photo 1782108_10201587591907066_465176022_n.jpg  photo 1620576_10201571738030729_665858245_n.jpg  photo 1779818_10201571767311461_388508717_n.jpg  photo 1606874_10201581207747466_1148463691_n.jpg  photo 20140101_204143.jpg  photo 20140101_204743.jpg  photo 20140101_203750.jpg  photo 20140101_204850.jpg  photo 20140101_204912.jpg  photo 20140101_204933.jpg  photo 20140108_202358.jpg  photo 20140109_161305.jpg  photo 20140111_131702.jpg  photo 20140112_094411.jpg  photo 20140112_094408.jpg  photo 20140112_103919.jpg  photo 20140112_153331.jpg  photo 20140112_153341.jpg  photo 20140112_153339.jpg  photo 20140112_153423.jpg  photo 20140112_153425.jpg  photo 20140112_153432.jpg  photo 20140112_170506.jpg  photo 20140112_195716.jpg  photo 20140112_170508.jpg  photo 20140112_195735.jpg  photo 20140112_195741.jpg  photo 20140112_195731.jpg  photo 20140117_171727.jpg  photo 20140112_200130.jpg  photo 20140117_171738.jpg  photo 20140112_200134.jpg  photo 20140114_192100.jpg  photo 20140118_105440.jpg  photo 20140118_123103.jpg  photo 20140118_123142.jpg  photo 20140118_132536.jpg  photo 20140118_1231040.jpg  photo 20140123_071908.jpg  photo 20140123_071935.jpg  photo 20140123_164557.jpeg  photo 20140118_132547.jpg  photo 20140119_170942.jpg  photo 20140118_132549.jpg  photo 20140118_182301.jpg  photo 20140123_192006.jpg  photo 20140123_192119.jpg  photo 20140125_092533.jpg  photo 20140124_214411.jpg  photo 20140125_110514.jpg  photo 20140124_214417.jpg  photo 20140125_111656.jpg  photo 20140125_111705.jpg  photo 20140125_111713.jpg  photo 20140125_111735.jpg  photo 20140125_111945.jpg  photo 20140125_112010.jpg  photo 20140125_111947.jpg  photo 20140126_101522.jpg  photo 20140126_101701.jpg  photo 20140126_101759.jpg  photo 20140126_101631.jpg  photo 20140126_101732.jpg  photo IMG_0727.jpg  photo 20140126_101811.jpg  photo 20140126_101822.jpg ///

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