Sunday, March 16, 2014

10 and a half months!

Howdy ya'll, it's me Oliver. Sorry I am too busy eating and crawling around to update these days. I am still growing obviously and not doing too much new. I am standing up more and more though and I am talking like crazy. My birthday is in about a month so be on the look out for invitations. Gotta run for now but enjoy the pictures. - O.  photo 20140221_201136.jpg  photo 20140220_201606.jpg  photo 20140220_201614.jpg  photo 20140220_1856131.jpg  photo 20140222_213729.jpg  photo 20140220_185606.jpg  photo 20140223_173346.jpg  photo 20140223_173353.jpg  photo 20140225_195032.jpg  photo 20140226_070401.jpg  photo 20140226_170208.jpg  photo 20140301_111338.jpg  photo 20140301_112058.jpg  photo 20140301_111954.jpg  photo 20140301_121242.jpg  photo 20140302_101644.jpg  photo 20140303_194517.jpg  photo 20140301_185730.jpg  photo 20140304_165308.jpg  photo 20140304_165359.jpg  photo 20140304_165314.jpg  photo 20140308_091319.jpg  photo 20140308_110301.jpg  photo 20140308_110323.jpg  photo 20140308_110328.jpg  photo 20140308_141543.jpg  photo 20140309_083011.jpg  photo 20140308_144901.jpg  photo 20140309_121039.jpg  photo 20140309_083016.jpg  photo 20140309_083425.jpg  photo 20140311_201848.jpg  photo 20140311_202139.jpg  photo 20140311_201909.jpg  photo 20140312_111135.jpg  photo 20140312_111204.jpg  photo 20140312_112108.jpg  photo 20140312_112115.jpg  photo DSC_0025-1.jpg  photo DSC_0027.jpg  photo DSC_0043-1.jpg  photo DSC_0047.jpg  photo DSC_0054.jpg  photo DSC_0053.jpg  photo DSC_00642.jpg  photo DSC_0063.jpg  photo DSC_0067.jpg  photo DSC_0070.jpg  photo DSC_0077.jpg  photo DSC_0080-1.jpg  photo DSC_0078.jpg  photo DSC_0075.jpg  photo DSC_0071.jpg  photo DSC_0083.jpg  photo DSC_0084-1.jpg ///

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