Monday, April 14, 2014

Almost 1!

Howdy ya'll, it's Oliver, can you believe I am almost 1 years old? I know, we can't believe it either. I am SO CLOSE to walking, I just have to take that first step and it's a wrap. I am babbling like crazy though. I can say Momma when I want and I am still eating EVERYTHING in sight. Anyway, I have a birthday party coming up very soon and Mommy and Daddy will be letting you all know where and when it is. I'm gonna run so Sissy can do her blog but check out the pics and I will talk to ya'll soon. Love ya'll and I hope to see you all at the party.  photo 20140316_122947_zps25f96977.jpg  photo 20140316_123504_zps3325100b.jpg  photo 20140316_123606_zpsb7590582.jpg  photo 20140316_190353_zps33b42031.jpg  photo 20140321_192023_zps4be35d4f.jpg  photo 20140322_102525_zpsbef6a538.jpg  photo 20140322_102539_zps7ee3a16a.jpg  photo 20140322_103016_zpsd1ed0345.jpg  photo 20140322_103217_zps3b3127d1.jpg  photo 20140322_130304_zps9c76fc56.jpg  photo DSC_0005_zps73fc685a.jpg  photo DSC_0009_zpsc9c46d7f.jpg  photo DSC_0021_zps85c6f4d5.jpg  photo DSC_0031_zpsb09fab8b.jpg  photo 20140327_065521_zpsec48f145.jpg  photo DSC_0032_zps3fb2f283.jpg  photo DSC_0039_zps6558c3e0.jpg  photo DSC_0082_zpsaf3b0913.jpg  photo 20140329_134357_zps99ae5bbf.jpg  photo 20140330_104905_zpsbb7117d6.jpg  photo 20140330_191101_zps2e506a0b.jpg  photo 20140330_191112_zpsbea89e8e.jpg  photo 20140330_202036_zps2c534818.jpg  photo 20140330_202040_zps2426595c.jpg  photo 20140330_202100_zps88b6ffe4.jpg  photo 20140331_195722_zpsf561de38.jpg  photo 20140331_200103_zpsfec843a4.jpg  photo 20140331_200117_zps9bf6912d.jpg  photo 20140331_202028_zps0206eda6.jpg  photo 20140331_202034_zpsf0679e53.jpg  photo 20140402_213440_zpsd819ddf2.jpg  photo 20140402_214713_zps22dd2b7b.jpg  photo 20140403_191858_zpsc8ffbabd.jpg  photo 20140404_070727_zps6cff8506.jpg  photo 20140404_181629_zps91283b37.jpg  photo DSC_0268_zpsf0bd565f.jpg  photo DSC_0271_zpsa9b20b0e.jpg  photo DSC_0276_zpsf411a107.jpg  photo DSC_0277_zpscb1f6d2f.jpg  photo 20140405_042624_zps4d882260.jpg  photo DSC_0467_zps85deba16.jpg  photo DSC_0469_zps913ab8dd.jpg  photo DSC_0470_zpsbaf6d932.jpg  photo DSC_0476_zpsb6c55d2f.jpg  photo DSC_0484_zpsa858a1ce.jpg  photo DSC_0489_zps0313df57.jpg  photo DSC_0491_zpsd729d190.jpg  photo DSC_0493_zpsbabf37bf.jpg  photo DSC_0497_zps67b2b2a9.jpg  photo DSC_0498_zps36b39684.jpg  photo DSC_0502_zpscc274be3.jpg  photo DSC_0504_zps01c2146e.jpg  photo 20140405_160348_zps3e2dcf27.jpg  photo 20140405_160423_zpsff6d09b4.jpg  photo 20140322_122736_zps191320fd.jpg  photo IMG_8257_zps58b0bdb8.jpg ///

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